21 Legal Terms And Their Meanings

This post features a collection of 21 important legal terms and their meanings. After all its always good to know more.

1. Ad hoc – For this (purpose).

2. Ad interim – In the meantime.

3. Ad valorem – According to the estimated value.

4. Affidavit – A written statement made voluntarily under an oath or affirmation (by the party making it)

5. Bona Fide – In good faith.

6. Caveat – A warning or caution.

7. Defendant – The person against whom a charge is brought out in the court of law.

8. Ex curia – Out of court

9. Ex gratia – Out of grace.

10. Ex parte – By or for one party.

11. Hearing – The trial of a case of suit brought out in the court of law.

12. Intra vires – Within the powers of (an act, ect)

13. Ipso facto – By the very fact.

14. Lex loci – Law of the place or country.

15. Prima facie – At first sight. [Often used with reference to some evidence]

16. Plaintiff – The person who files a complaint in the court of law.

17. Pro facto – For the fact.

18. Sedition – An offence against the state.

19. Status Quo – The existing state of affairs.

20. Testimony – Oral evidence by a witness.

21. Ultra Vires – Beyond the powers (of an Act, authority ect).

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