21 Vintage Amul Advertisements [In Pics]

In this picture post we will be showcasing some of the best vintage Amul Advertisements. Central to all Amul ads is the Amul Girl – a bubbly young Indian girl with blue hair and a half pony tied up. These ads, considered by many to be the best Indian concept advertisement of all time, often offer witty commentary on events that grab media attention. Hope you like our little presentation. Enjoy!
1. A very old advertisement by Amul celebrating the famous dance form of India – The Bharatnatyam
2. An ad with a social message : encouraging the use of helmets
3. Amul’s comment on a dismal performance by the Indian team on the cricket field.

4. Lata Mangeshkar, conferred with an honorary doctorate for her contribution to music.

5. Amul’s way of ushering in the summer.

6. Amul’s comment on the Nizam of Hyderabad’s jewellery being put up for public auction.

7. Amul comment on Load Sheddings!

8. Amul celebrating Bengali Music

9. Amul takes a call on U.S. President, Jimmy Carter’s fondness for peanuts.
10. Amul celebrates Charlie Chaplin’s film `Gold Rush’.
11. An Amul pun on sales tax.
12. Amul’s take on International Year of the Child
13. A comment on Indian Airlines flight cancellations
14. Amul’s take on bankers’ demand for increased Dearness Allowance

 15. An titled “Indian Virgin Needs No Urgin”

 16. Amul’s peace offering to the protesters for the hoarding captioned “Indian virgin needs no urgin” which was put up earlier.

17. Amul celebrating Australia winning the 1999 Cricket World Cup under Steve Waugh. 
18. Amul’s take on the pre-poll promises made by the Indian Politicians. 
19. An Extended Rajya Sabha term! This is what our Amul Girl has to say..
20. During a cricket match, West Indies cricketer Mr. D.L. Haynes handled the ball to avoid it hitting the wicket. Our Amul Girl ‘Haynes’forth wants him to handle only a pack of butter..
21. Amul is at the center of all festiv’ear’y.
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Image Source: Amul.com

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