How To Use Facebook To Promote Your Business?

Without a shred of doubt, Facebook as an entity that has taken the entire world by storm. According to the company’s own digital newsroom, as of September 2016, there were 1.8 Billion monthly active users (a whopping 85% of whom reside outside of the US and Canada) and 1.2 Billion daily active users on Facebook. 

It is no wonder, therefore that more and more businesses are striving to come up with successful strategies in an effort to utilise this hot social networking hub to build meaningful relationships with customers and drive sales. The good news for you is that you can employ certain simple, straightforward strategies to gainfully employ Facebook to your business’ advantage. 

In this post we will explore how you can promote your business using Facebook. If exposure is your primary concern in the world of B2C (Business To Consumer) Facebook exchanges, pay attention.

Take Full Advantage of the Visual ‘Facebook Page’ Opportunities. 

Creating a Facebook Page for your business is how you get it all started. From the point of view of a business, the ‘very visual’ graphic and layout capabilities that a Facebook Page offers, translates into a wealth of promotional opportunity. Perhaps the biggest opportunity is the cover photo, a large, banner-sized photo section that can easily be fitted with images, logos and customized graphics. The more personalized to your brand, the image is, the better. 

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However, keep this in mind, Facebook is an online social network – so go for a little “Wow!” factor or pizzazz! Be selective about the images you use to exemplify your business. Flip them regularly. Keep graphic content fluid and dynamic. 

It is also all about identity – one look at your Facebook Page and a person must know what your business is all about. 

Offer a Unique, Exclusive Promotion. 

Regardless of the changes in technology that may alter the world of business, there’s one thing that will always remain the same: people love to get things for free, to win contests, to get something for nothing. 

Cash in on this craze by offering an attractive contest or promotion that people can only enter by first “Liking” you on Facebook and then joining into your marketing funnel. Then, craft your offer so that your entrants can “Share” the fact that they just entered and tell their friends how they can enter, too. This can take on viral proportions, quite rapidly. Make the contest attractive – a free gift certificate, a free, personalized or signed edition of your book, a free month worth of your services, etc. 

The more attractive the offer, the greater will the interest and participation be. Track the results and you’ll easily determine your cost per lead and calculate a return on investment. Monetizing Facebook is tough. The more diligent you are with your tracking and analytics, the better grip you’ll have on the overall picture. 

Offer a Rich Variety of Relevant & Useful Content. 

As a social networking hub, things on Facebook are interactive, dynamic, viral, share-able. Because of this, businesses who are turning to the site to help make real, solid connections with existing and potential customers or clients have to stay fluid, dynamic and compelling. 

The simplest way to do this is to offer a diverse variety of content that is always useful and relevant to the reader. These relevant things could include You-Tube video links, links to other websites and resources that are helpful, tips, notes, images or even applications. The trick is to keep people interested and captivated. Don’t ever settle down into the same old, Keep things shifting, evolving. Stay on top of trends and the times. Then, find ways to get the comments, likes and shares flowing freely.

Ask questions, post surveys and optimize every single post so that it will have the best impact possible on your businesses’ bottom line. If there’s one lesson the Facebook has taught us it’s this – people want to be heard, want to feel that their voice is being listened to. The more you can capitalize on this need to be heard, this need to comment, this need to review or recommend, you’ll have cashed in on a virtual gold mine! 

Make it Easy to Transition to Your Traditional Sales Funnel. 

Being “Liked” on Facebook is only the beginning of a long relationship that you should form with your audience. Once they ‘like’ you on Facebook, you need to ‘entice’ them to sign up for your free newsletter, download your eBook place an order and transition from a prospect and into an actual paying customer. 

And, you do this by making people “Love your Marketing”. According to Hubspotby publishing the right content (1.e content that informs, educates and delights your readers) in the right place at the right time, your marketing becomes relevant and helpful to your customers, not interruptive. Now that’s marketing people can love!” 

Once you’ve mastered these practical tips and applications, come back and see us again for more!  

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