How Does Cricinfo Make Money? The Revenue Model of CricInfo

Founded in 1993, Cricinfo is now the World’s leading Cricket website. Cricinfo’s content includes news, videos and features written on the game of Cricket. Cricinfo is best known for providing an in-depth coverage of all international matches. 

The site also includes in-depth statistics on every one of the approximately 3000 international and 50,000 first-class cricketers to have played the game. Cricinfo is part of the ESPN Network since 2007. 

Have you ever wondered how Cricinfo makes money? In this post we will discuss the Revenue Model of Cricinfo. 

Revenue Model Of Cricinfo. 

Cricinfo is a free to access website. This means that you can access any of the content or stats on the website absolutely free of cost. 

Cricinfo derives all of its revenue from Advertising. Any one who has frequented the Cricinfo website would have noted banner ads on display. 

These ads are displayed either in direct partnership with the Advertiser or through an advertising network like Google. 

If you are someone who likes numbers, let me tell you that cricinfo has a thriving user community and reaches over 20 million users every month. With Advertisers ready to shell out a lot of money to tap into a user base this large, the revenues generated by Cricinfo are quite significant. 

Apart from the display ads, Cricinfo also monetizes its content using paid content discovery modules in partnership with Outbrain

Outbrain places ads in the form of links (to content on other websites) on the Cricinfo website. Every time a user clicks on an ad, the advertiser is charged at a CPC rate and this income is shared with Cricinfo based on an agreed revenue share. 

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