How Does Quora Make Money? The Revenue Model Of Quora

Quora is the world’s most popular question and answer website. Quora provides a platform where users like you and me can ask a question or answer questions asked by others. 

Quora’s mission is to “connect the people who have knowledge to the people who need it.”

What differentiates Quora from similar Questions & Answers website is the fact that is that they have many experts on board. 

For example, on Quora, you can find Vinod Koshla himself answering a question on what keeps his Motivated..

Having understood what Quora is, we will now move towards the real object of this post i.e understanding how Quora makes money. 

The Revenue Model Of Quora. 

Well, it might surprise you to learn that till very recently Quora did not generate any revenue. 

Yes, you heard it right; No Revenue!

But recently they have started experimenting with text advertisements. 

You can find text ads showing just below the question or between two answers. Refer the screenshot below:

Text Advertisement on Quora Just below the Question.
You can also find ads at the end of the post. 

So for now text ads are the only source of revenue for Quora. 

Given the fact that Quora is a text heavy website with a lot of emphasis on user experience, I don’t see them experimenting with display ads. 

Whether the Quora team will discover some other way of monetizing their website.. only time will tell. 


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