Blog Niche Idea: Career Guidance Blog

By creating a blog on career guidance you could not only help students/professionals from round the globe make the right career choices and/or find the desired career progression, but also, give wings to your entrepreneurial dreams by earning a steady flow of advertising revenue through monetizing your blog.

The following are some of the post ideas for your blog on career guidance:

1. Career options after high school. 

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2. Alternative career options – music, photography, web designing, sports etc.

3. List of top universities for specific courses.

4. How to prepare for and ace an interview?

5. Effective networking tips.

6. Tips on grooming and self improvement.

7. Tips on improving interpersonal and communication skills.

8. Guide to drafting a strong resume – the do’s and don’ts of good resume writing.

9. Using LinkedIn for professional networking and career enhancement.

10. Top Apps/Websites for Job Seekers.

11. Motivating thoughts and stories,

12. Top companies to work for.

13. Guide to distance and online learning.

14, Specific skill sets that might give professionals an edge over others.

15, Institutes imparting skill based training.

16. Tips on achieving work-life balance.

17. Tips on handling work related stress.

18. Recommended books and educational websites.

19. Tips on being a good leader and an effective team player.

20.  Information on entrance examinations and scholarship opportunities.

21. Guides to studying abroad.

22.  Productivity hacks and tips.

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