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If you are a foodie to the core and consider yourself an authority on all things related to food, a food blog is what should get you started. 

Here are a few post ideas for your food blog. 

1. Recipes [including video recipes] and dessert ideas. 

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2. Best food destinations.

3. Restaurant reviews.

4. A street food guide.

5. Articles covering the nutritional benefits of different food stuffs.

6. Chef interviews – feature interviews with select chefs from top restaurants.

7. Diet plans.

8. Fruits from round the world and why one should eat them.

9. Strange/weird delicacies.

10. Beverage ideas and Mocktail recipes.

11. Articles on culinary herbs and spices. 

12. Kitchen and cooling tips 

13. Guide to microwave cooking. 

14. Review food and drinks books. 

15. Coverage of food festivals. 

16. Cooking for the ailing. 

17. Tips for outdoor cooking. 

18. Infographics on cuisines from round the world. 

19. Kitchen garden tips. 

20. Medicinal benefits of plants and herbs. 

You could create a page for user submitted recipes on your blog and feature a forum for food lovers to interact and share with each other.

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