Blog Niche Idea: Marketing Blog

If you believe you can sell anything, a blog dedicated to marketing could be just the thing you’ve got to get started.

The WWF “Give a hand to wildlife” campaign.

Here are a few post ideas for your marketing blog.

1. Best advertisement campaigns across different media [print, television, radio and web]. 

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2. Vintage Advertisements

3. Digital marketing advice. [Including social media and email marketing]

4. Search Engine Optimisation tips.

5. Interviews with Ad Gurus.

6. Creative ad inspirations.

7. Money making through affiliate marketing.

8. Marketing flops and things to avoid.

9. Personal selling and the art of influencing customers.

10. Coverage of marketing events.

11. Best books / websites on marketing.

12. The use of content marketing by businesses.

13. Marketing for e-commerce sites.

14. Ad film making as a career.

15. Hoax advertising (and the resulting publicity).

16. Marketing strategy and general tips.

17. Blogging – A part of the marketing strategy.

18. Articles on PR and reputation management.

19. Insights into consumer psychology.

20. Mobile marketing and its future.

21. Tips on brand marketing.

22. Effective use of word-of-mouth marketing.

Your blog could also feature a forum for marketers from round the globe to interact and share ideas with each other. 


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