Blog Niche Idea: A Philatelic Blog

If you are an avid stamp collector and postage stamps are the only thing that you dream about, a blog on stamp collection (a philatelic blog) could be your way of reaching out to thousands of potential stamp collectors from round the globe.

Here are some of the post ideas for your blog on stamp collection. 

1. The basics of stamp collection. 

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2. Stamp types that should be collected. 

3. Distinguishing features that increase the value of a stamp. 

4. Do’s and Dont’s of stamp collection. 

5. Extensive coverage of ‘error stamps’. 

6. Rare postage stamps and their estimated current value in both national and international markets. 

7. How to guides on finding good stamps for collection. 

8. Proper mounting and preservation of stamps. 

9. Terms related to stamp collection. 

10. Interesting facts about stamps. 

11. Announcement and coverage of philatelic exhibitions and workshops. 

12. General tips on stamp collecting. [Eg. Thematic arrangement of stamps]

13. Rare postage stamps specific to your country. 

14. Stamps that made it to the Auctions. 

15. How to guides in recognising fake stamps. 

16. Price lists.

17. A feature series on the stamps from your own private collection. 

Note: No philatelic blog would be complete without pictures of the stamps that you speak about. Therefore you must invest in a good camera; capable of taking high resolution pics of the stamps you would like to feature on your blog.

>> You could also use your blog to announce your own philatelic workshop or network with other stamp collectors. 

>> Your blog could also feature a forum where fellow stamp collectors could connect with each other.

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