Blog Niche Idea: Small Business Blog

If you have tons of experience in managing businesses, a Small Business blog is what you should be investing your time and experience in – helping budding entrepreneurs make a name for themselves .

The following are some of the post ideas for your Small Business blog.

1. Start up tips and advice. 

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2. Financing tips and effective financial management.

3. ‘How to’ guides on effective negotiation.

4. Guides to offline marketing.

5. Guides to online marketing.

6. Small business opportunities.

7. Franchise opportunities.

8. Effective networking tips.

9. Posts on body language and communication skills.

10. A guide to ‘social media for business’ and ‘business blogging’.

11. Management advice.

12. Importance of good customer service and relationship building.

13. Guides on shared office spaces.

14. List of useful books (including eBooks) for entrepreneurs.

15. Profile and/or interview successful entrepreneurs.

16. Inspiring start-up stories.

17. Motivation for entrepreneurs.

18. Announcement and coverage of entrepreneurship development courses and workshops.

19. Launch your own workshop on entrepreneurship development.

20. Guides to hiring and retaining talent.

You could also feature video posts and podcasts related to small business development on your blog.
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