Blog Niche Idea – A Blog On Books

If you are crazy about books, a blog on Books [a Literary Blog] is what you should get started. 

Here are a few content ideas for your Blog on Books: 

1. Top Novels/Books across different genres. 

2. Best short stories in each genre. 

3. Celebrated authors and their best works. 

4.  Literary festivals across the world. 

5. Book reviews. 

6. Brief biographies and interesting stories from the real lives of Famous authors. 

7. Background on Literary awards. 

8. Interviews with modern day writers. 

9. Largest and best Libraries across the globe. 

10. Famous personalities and their Autobiographies. 

11. Collection of popular e-books on different topics. 

12. Best devices for ebook reading. 

13. Famous publishing houses and how they were formed. 

14. How To Guides to finding a publisher for a book. 

15. Tips on better writing. 

16. How to Guides on creating an e-book. 

17. How to self publish a book. 

18. Books inspired by real life events. 

19. Books adopted as movies. 

20. Controversial or banned books. 

Now time to start your books blog….

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