5 Killer Niche Ideas For Your Next Blog


A blog’s niche is the broad “subject” line to which it caters. In this post I will be sharing with you 5 Killer Niche Ideas for your next Blogging Adventure.

Note that, it is a fact that some of the more popular Blog Niches’ are so saturated (in terms of competition) that it may take years for a new blog to gain recognition and craft a place for itself in the given niche. 

However, if you are not willing to wait so long and want to see quick results in terms of higher rankings and reputation (and the resulting gains) in a given niche, its important that you choose a Niche for your next blogging project where the competition is less intense. 

Therefore while creating this list, I have included a few niche ideas where the competition is still less intense. 

Lets get started with our blog niche ideas….

1. Niche Idea: Fitness Blog

With half the world fitness crazed, the fitness niche could present a wealth of opportunities for the opportunistic blogger.

Possible content ideas for the ‘fitness’ niche

A. Tips and advice on staying fit.
B. Exercises for staying fit (and the right way to exercise)
C. Constituents of a healthy diet
D. Work life balance and importance of stress free living.

2. Niche Idea: Hockey Blog [Low Competition]

What about a sports blog dedicated to the game of Hockey? Sounds interesting, doesn’t it. This is one niche which is relatively unexplored and therefore much easier for you to rank high when compared with some of the more popular sports niches. So if you are game for Hockey, this could well turn out to be the right niche for you.

Possible content ideas for the ‘Hockey’ niche

A. Latest news, scores and updates from the world of hockey.
B. Facts, trivia and quiz.
C. Player profiles
D. Commentaries on and analysis of the different aspects of the game.
E. Revisiting great games from the past.  

3. Niche Idea: Pet and Pet Care Blog

Topics revolving around pet and pet care, could be a great choice for your next blog project. Considering the number of people around the world who love and own pets, the pet and pet care niche with its potentially huge audience could propel your blog to success.

Possible content ideas for the ‘pet and pet care niche’ niche

A. Pet care tips and advise.
B. Behavioral issues with pets and how to deal with them.
C. Tips on finding the right pet.
D. Inspirational stories on how pets have helped owners battle issues like depression or saved their lives.
E. Photo posts featuring your readers with their pets.

4. Niche Idea: Gardening Blog [Moderately Low Competition]

Help other people create their very own backyard garden with a blog dedicated to gardening. 

Here are a few content ideas for your ‘gardening’ blog. 

A. Gardening tips and advice.
B. Information on plant species (origin, suitable climate etc)
C. How to create and maintain your very own Greenhouse. 

5. Niche idea: History Blog [Low Competition]

History is one subject liked by many and a blog dedicated to history is bound to have many takers. Again competition in this sphere is low and therefore a lot easier for you to establish your authority and grow your readership. 

Possible content ideas for the ‘History’ niche

A. Historical facts and trivia.
B. Significant events through the ages.
C. Rulers and their legacy. 
D. Ancient civilizations and their way of living.
D. Great minds and their contribution to different field of study.

Thanks for reading.


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