10 Classic Amul Ads Featuring The Chubby Amul Girl

Here are 10 Classic Amul Ads Featuring the Chubby Amul Girl with her witty remarks on events grabbing media attention or promoting a cause. 

Amul Ad Promoting Religious Harmony. 

Amul Ad Celebrating the spirit of Christmas.

Amul Ad urging people to stop bandhs. 

Amul Ad promoting Unity.

Amul Ad on Kapil Dev being appointed coach of the Indian Cricket team.

Amul Ad on Sachin Tendulkar Playing his 100th Test Match.

Amu’s tribute to Brazil’s greatest superstars. 

An Amul Ad on the popularity of TV series Ramayana. 

Amul celebrates 50 years of the Amul Movement. 

Amul mourns the demise of actor Ashok Kumar. 


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