Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Credit Card Features And Review

The Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Credit card is a good choice for individuals looking to save on their Fuel, Telephone and Utility Bills. 

The Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Credit Card offers you the following benefits: 

1. A 5% cashback on Fuel purchases at all petrol pumps in India. This includes a 2.5% fuel surcharge reversal and a 2.5% cashback on the transaction amount. 

2. A 5% cashback on all Telecom payments (both prepaid and postpaid) across all service providers in India. 

3. A 5% cashback on all your Utility bill payments. So you save money on all your Electricity, Gas and Water bill payments. 

4. For all other spends across all categories, your earn 1 reward point for every Rs. 100 spent using your Super Value Titanium credit card. 

Conditions for availing the cashback offers

Note that the cashback offers, are subject to certain conditions. These are: 

1. The minimum transaction value for availing the cash back offers is Rs. 750 per transaction. 

2. The maximum cashback you can avail is restricted to Rs. 100 per eligible transaction. 

3. Also, the maximum cashback per month across all eligible transactions is restricted to Rs. 500 Per month. 


The Annual Fees on the card are as follows: 

First Year Fee: Rs 499

Renewal Fees: Rs 750 second year onwards. 

Review of the 
Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Credit Card

Note that the maximum cash you can avail on the card is restricted to Rs. 6000 per year (Rs 500 multiplied by 12 months). If you consider the annual renewal fees of Rs. 750, your net benefits would be Rs. 5250 per year. 

Now, the good thing about this is the fact that the cashback is applicable across all petrol  pumps across India be it BPCL, IOC, HPCL or Reliance. So you need not visit a specific fuel outlet to avail the offer. 

Also, you can earn reward points on spends other than Fuel, Telecom and Utility bill payments. This can be redeemed for store vouchers or merchandise. 

Overall its a good card to have, which can give you decent savings on your Fuel, Telecom and Utility bills. 


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