From The Maharaja’s Travel Diaries – Vintage Air India Posters

Created by Bobby Kooka and Umesh Rao, India’s most loved Mascot; the Maharajah made his first appearance in the year 1946 and has since then captivated the imagination of Art Lovers worldwide.

Today, we bring to you a few snapshots from the Maharaja’s Travel Diaries! These Vintage Air India Posters explore the adventures of the Mustachioed Maharaja in Foreign Lands. Enjoy!

Maharaja’s Adventures in Cairo!

Maharaja and his Cart full of Flowers in Europe!

Maharaja Enjoying Winter Sports in Europe!

The Maharaja with Little Kids in Hong Kong!

The Maharaja Busy Reading In London.

The Maharaja’s Adventures in Moscow!

Maharaja Having the Time of his Life in Osaka!

The Maharaja Explores Rome!

The Many Adventures of the Maharaja in Singapore!

The Maharaja Travels through Middle East!


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