Conservation would be a Big Business Idea in the Near Future


We humans have inflicted extensive damage on our environment and are continuing to so do.

Trees have been felled indiscriminately to make way for human development. The dumping of industrial pollutants have deteriorated the quality of air we breathe and the water we drink.

Global warning is staring alarmingly at out face and conservation of our environment is the need of the hour.

There is a need to take positive steps towards conservation, reverse the damage that has already been done before things blow out of proportion.

As we humans realize the need to act fast, conservation of the environment would emerge as a big business opportunity in the near future.

The most practical first step towards conservation would be the planting of more trees. Organisations that specialize in turning waste lands into forested areas would be in demand.

There is a need for treating industrial pollutants before these are released into the environment.

With fresh water levels decreasing, desalination of sea water and its distribution to the residential areas and for agricultural and industrial use could emerge as a profitable business idea.

As the world’s population grows, so would the demand for food-grains and we might see more involvement from corporates’ towards development of sustainable farming practices.

The development of technology, that enables us to harness power from renewable energy sources more efficiently; as a sustainable alternative to coal, is also of great importance.

We know power from renewable energy sources like solar and wind can only be harnessed intermittently and thus the need to develop more efficient power storage and distribution solutions.

Recycling of waste is another area where we might see sustained investments from business houses in the near future

The list can go on, but, what we need to realize is that in the fight towards conservation, everyone from Government, business houses, environmental organisations and we individuals have a very active and important role to play.


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