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The Lockdown & India’s Informal Economy

The often overlooked informal or the unorganised sector of the Indian economy accounts for the largest share in employment generation.

What is a Cloud Kitchen? How do Cloud Kitchens Make Money?

A cloud kitchen is an innovation in the food space made possible through the use of technology. In simple...

Uniform Price Vs Multiple Price Auction

An Auction is a process of accepting bids through which a right, commodity or security is sold to the highest bidder.

Fighting Plastic Pollution Through Sustainable Business Practices

Environmentally, we are staring at difficult times ahead. The air we breathe is slowly turning poisonous. Plastics and harmful industrial wastes have...

Conservation would be a Big Business Idea in the Near Future

We humans have inflicted extensive damage on our environment and are continuing to so do. Trees have been felled...

Business Tips For Budding Entrepreneurs

In this post we share business tips for the budding entrepreneurs to help them make the right start in their journey towards value creation and financial freedom.
Buy Sell Online

How Do Free Online Classified Websites Make Money?

Classified websites allow you to place an advertisement to buy or sell something or to find or offer a job.
Online Learning

How Does BYJU’s Make Money? Revenue Model of BYJU’S

BYJU's is an education- technology (ed-tech) company that provides video learning solutions for school students as well as aspirants of competitive examinations.

Sandy is a Smart Investor! Be Like Sandy

Sandy is a smart stock market investor. He is rational and takes decisions based on facts. In this...

How does UrbanClap Make Money? UrbanClap Revenue Model.

UrbanClap is a online platform that allows users to hire service professionals for their day-to-day and homecare needs. In...