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I am Sandipan Chakraborty, founder of this blog and I welcome you to the beautiful world of Finance!

About Me: I am a Chartered Accountant (CA) from the City of Joy; Kolkata and share my passion for Food, Football and Cricket (something common to most Bengalis). A Byomkesh & Feluda fan, reading & re-reading their adventures is my perfect example of an afternoon well spent.

You can always reach me at: ca.sandipan@gmail.com

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Finmint is a blog sharing insights into the world of Finance, Small Business, Investment Planning, Revenue Model Analysis and Advertising.

Finmint helps you make more money, understand the financial markets better, take more informed investing decisions, improve your personal finances, understand startup revenue models, find new business ideas to explore or take your existing small business on a growth path.

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Revenue Model Analysis: 

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Understand Financial Markets:

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Take Informed Investing Decisions:

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Make More Money / Explore Business Ideas: 

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Personal Finance: 

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Helping your Small Business Grow:

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