Earn More Money – 32 Passive Income Ideas

Want to earn more money? Well who doesn’t…

In this post I will share with you 32 ideas to help create a passive income stream for you and your family. 

Note that any venture will require a considerable investment of time and effort to become a success.

1. Start giving tuition classes after work or during the weekends.

2. Earn money by starting a blog.

3. Sign up as an Insurance Advisor.

4. Become a part time Photographer.

5. Let out any unused property you might have and earn a steady stream of rental income.

6. Set up a small coffee/tea shop with investments from friends or family members.

7. Write a book, find a publisher and earn royalty income. You can also sell ebooks online.

8. Become a freelance writer.

9. Become a Mutual Fund Advisor.

10. Sell products through e-commerce sites like eBay.

11. Buy and sell stocks. To get started, read my article:

How To Invest In Equities – A Beginner’s Guide

12. Try your hand at Affiliate Marketing.

13. Start you own YouTube Channel, sign up with Google Adsense and start making money.

14. Start a niche focused recruitment agency.

15. Design Tshirts and sell them online.

16.  Start a Gym or a fitness centre.

17.  Start a Mobile Food Shop.

18. Become a Real Estate consultant/broker.

19. Trade in Antique Items.

20. Become a Career Consultant. Offer additional services like Resume Writing services and soft skill development classes.

21. Start your own bakery.

22. Organise Cooking Classes during weekends.

23. Make chocolate at home. You can sell these to restaurants and supermarket chains.

24. Organise personality development and language classes.

25. Teach something you excel at. It could be anything from painting to martial arts.

26. Organise tours or events on a small scale.

27. Nurture a plant nursery.

28. Start a creche at home to offer child care and baby sitting services.

29. Become an Investment/Financial Planner.

30. Start a car rental service or tie up with existing car rental services and supply vehicles on rent.

31. Start a wedding planning service.


32. Start a modern Laundry service equipped with Automatic Washing Machines.

Thanks for your time.  


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