Are You Afraid Of Speaking To Your Customers?

Conversations with your customers will reveal where your business is lacking.
As a small business owner one of the questions that you should be asking yourself is whether you are afraid of speaking to your customers. If you answer to the question is yes, it shows but you are not confident of the fact that you services are living up to your customers expectations. It is also a warning signal that your business model needs a serious rethink.
If you want your business to grow up and prosper it is important that you deliver on your promises and meet if not exceed your customers expectations. 
A satisfied customer would not only love to extend existing business relationship with you but also refer your services to others; thus helping you generate additional revenue in the future.
Action plan: 

Starting from today each day, call up an existing customer of your’s and inquire of them the level of satisfaction they have had from the use of your products or services. 

You should also find out their overall experience of doing business with you. This would include questions regarding your staff’s behavior, promptness of delivery or the like. Remember to conclude your call with a vote of thanks and ask them if they have for you any specific suggestion for improvement. 
The information you gain from these conversations will help you immensely in coming up with a sound business model that has customers and not profits as its focus. Plus the insight that you gain from the exercise will help you come up with better products and services in the future.


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