40 Small Business Ideas In India


Small business Ideas to help you get started on your entrepreneurial journey in India!

1. Start a Blog

You can start a blog on a tropic that interests you, build a readership by creating content that adds value and then monetizing your blog by placing advertisements on it. 

2. Create a YouTube Channel

Did you know that you can make money by creating videos on YouTube through your very own YouTube channel? You start by creating videos on a particular niche and once you have a decent number of subscribers, you can monetize your videos through Google Adsense

I also have a list of YouTube Channel Ideas for you to get started.  

3. Intra-city Logistics. 

You can start a small-scale logistics service that specializes in moving goods within a city. To start up, you would need to invest in one or two vehicles to move goods from one place to another. 

Your customers would both be individuals who might be shifting to a new residence within the city and need to move their furniture and appliances; as well as corporate clients. 

4. Toy Store

Children and their affinity for toys go beyond times and starting a toy store is small business idea worth exploring in India. 

5. Recruitment Firm

Starting a boutique requirement firm can be a great small business idea in India. A boutique requirement firm is a niche requirement firm that caters to a specific industry. A recruitment firm earns revenue by helps companies hire for specific positions. 

6. Wedding Planners

Wedding planners provide end to end wedding planning services. A wedding planner would help families decide and book wedding venues, secure accommodation for guests who would be flying in, decide the wedding theme and oversee other wedding day arrangements including food and music.

7. Mobile Ice Cream Parlour

Help people beat the heat with a mobile ice-cream parlour. You can take your mobile ice-cream truck to schools and colleges or park it outside office complexes. The same ice-cream truck can double up as a food truck at night and during winters. 

8.  Content Writing Services

With most businesses now committed to online marketing, there is a great demand for content writing agencies. Content writing agencies help companies create content for their press releases, promotional ebooks, business blogs and social media channels. 

9. Juice Shop

A juice shop serving delicious and healthy juices and refreshing mocktails – all in a hygienic and comfortable setting is likely to be a big hit with the Indian youth. Keep experimenting with various flavours and include variety to your menu. 

10. Investment Advisory

An Investment advisor will recommend various financial products (Stocks, Mutual Funds, Fixed Interest and Insurance products) to their clients based on their financial position, goals and risk appetite. Investment advisory firms generally charge a fee from their clients to provide investment advisory services as well as earn commission on the financial products sold based on their recommendations. 

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11. Dance School.

If you are skilled dancer or have a good understanding of dance forms, you could start your very own dance school to train students in different dance-forms. The location of your school as well as the quality of the instructors are important factors upon which the success of your dance school would depend. 

12. Online Advertisement Management Agencies

Online Advertisement Management agencies help plan, execute and manage online advertisement campaigns for their clients. 

13. Book Store

Even with the growing popularity of ebooks and readers like Kindle, the joy that readers derive from holding a book physically in their hands is next to nothing in this world. For a country like India which is known for its sheer number of book lovers, the demand for hardbacks and paperbacks will always remain. 

You can also sell text books and educational books through your very own book store. 

14. Sports Goods Store

For a sport loving young country like India, a Sports Goods Store is an ideal small business idea. 

15. Social Media Management Services

A Social Media management firm would help corporate clients plan, execute and manage their social media campaigns.

16. Home Painting Solutions

A home painting company that provides quick and hassle-free home painting solutions at competitive rates is a great small business idea worth exploring in India. 

17. Yoga Classes

The power of Yoga to heal the mind and the body is acknowledged by all. Start a yoga school that provides a harmonious and peaceful environment to experience the powers of Yoga. 

18. Stationery Supply

You can set up a small business that supplies stationery products to schools, educational institutes and corporate houses. 

19. Car-pool services

A small business that provides reliable car-pooling solutions for both school kids and office goers is sure to have many takers. You can even start with just one vehicle and scale up as the demand for your services grow. 

20. Music School. 

We Indians love music and a music school that imparts quality training is sure to have many takers. 

21. Health and Fitness Centre

Indian youth are more fitness conscious these days than ever before and a health and Fitness centre or a Gym can be a great business idea to capitalise on this craze. 

22. A Niche Travel Agency. 

While there are many travel agencies in India, there are not many niche travel agencies that specialize in one or more specific activities. For example you could start a niche travel agency that specializes in organising Jungle Safaris. 

23. Antique Dealer. 

If you have an eye for relics, you could start a business of dealing in antique goods. 

24. Risk Consultants

A risk consultancy would help businesses identify and address risks inherent in their business operations. 

25. A Bakery

Help your customers experience the heavenly aroma and taste of freshly baked cakes and breads by starting a small scale bakery of your own. 

26. Event Management Services.

An event management service helps both individuals and corporate houses organise events of varying scale. You need to have good communication and problem solving skills to be a successful event manager. 

27. Food delivery to home and office

With jobs getting more and more demanding these days,  people are left with very little time to cook.  Also, people migrating to a new city to pursue an education or a job feel the need for home cooked food. 

Start a small food delivery business that delivers quality home cooked and nutritious food to clients at their homes and offices.  

28. A small Coffee Shop. 

Help people get conversations going with a coffee shop of your own. 

29. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a form of referral marketing wherein you earn a commission for every purchase someone makes based on your recommendation of the affiliate’s products or services. 

You can either sign up with an affiliate network like vCommission or sign up for affiliate programs of internet companies like Flipkart or Amazon. 

The most common way of promoting an affiliate’s Products or Services is through a blog or website. Other channels include email and social media. 

30. Foreign Trade Consultants. 
Foreign trade consultants help businesses comply with the various rules and regulations (including paperwork requirements) involving import or export of goods from one country to another. 

31. Web Development.

Web development is the art of developing websites for clients. There is always a very high demand for talented web developers and if you are skilled in web development you can start your very own web development company in India. 

32. Tuition Classes. 

If you like teaching, you could set up a Tuition Centre to impart quality education to students. You can either do this alone or in partnership with other teachers in your area. 

33. Real Estate Consultants. 

Real Estate consultants help clients buy or sell properties and earn a commission upon the finalization of deals. The commission is often based on the value of the property bought or sold. Your clients could both be individuals and corporate houses. 

34. Sell on Amazon

You can set up your own online business by selling goods on Amazon. All you need to do is to sign up on Amazon and list the products that you would like to sell. The best part is that amazon takes care of shipping and delivery so that you can focus on your business. 

35. Skills Development Website. 

Create a website that helps people acquire a skill online (for example learn to play the guitar). This will primarily be a video based content delivery service. You can make money based on registrations to such courses. 

36. Graphic Designing Services

Graphic Designing enterprises provide their services in the areas of branding, publication and communication design and design for the Digital medium. This would include designing promotional materials for clients such as ebooks, infographics, pdfs and banners. 

37. Start a Creche

Start a creche which takes care of kids while parents go to work. Note that a parent will trust their child with you only when they feel safe enough to do so. The overall quality and spaciousness of the facility plus the presence of qualified and well trained staff members are factors that are likely to impress a parent. 

38. Soft Skills training

A soft skills training academy trains individuals in soft skills to make them job ready. You could also tie up with corporate houses to impart job relevant soft skill training to their staff members. How you market your business is going to be a key factor for your success.

39. Candle Manufacturing

You could set up a candle manufacturing unit in India at a low cost. Focus both on candles for general use as well as on aromatic candles and candles for decorative use. 

40. Soft Toy Manufacturing Unit

A soft toy manufacturing unit can be a lucrative small business idea in India. You can set up a soft toy manufacturing unit at a very low initial investment. Focus on the quality of the toys you manufacture.  You can also sell your toys under your own brand name online. 

Thanks for your time. 


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