10 Useful Excel Shortcuts

This post features a list of useful Microsoft Excel shortcuts to help you save time and increase efficiency.   

1. Protect Sheet: To protect a sheet, type Alt R PS followed by the password

2. Protect Workbook: You can password protect the entire workbook by typing Alt R PW followed by the password. 

Note: Use the same short cuts to un-protect a protected sheet/workbook.

3. Merge Cells:  

Select the cells you want to merge and then type Alt H M C. Similarly, to unmerge cells, select the cells you want to un-merge and Alt H M U

4. Sort: 

To sort cells in ascending order select the cells you wish to sort and type Alt A SA.

To sort cells in a descending order select the cells you wish to sort and type Alt A SD. 

5. Remove Gridlines: To remove gridlines from a sheet simply type Alt W VG. 

6. Insert a Hyperlink: To insert a hyperlink, navigate to the cell where you wish to insert a hyperlink and type Alt N I.

7. Show Formulas: 

The Show Formula function displays the formula in each formulated cell instead of the resulting value. To show formula for a worksheet, type Alt M H

8. Filter: 

To Insert (or to remove) a filter, select the cells you wish to add a filter to and type Alt A T. To clear a filter, type Alt A C. 

9.  Freeze Pane: To freeze panes, navigate to the cell where you would like to freeze panes and type Alt W F F. The same short cut applies when you wish to remove the freeze pane function. 

10. Pivot Table: To insert a pivot table, select the data from which you wish to construct a pivot table and type Alt N V T. 


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