Why Your Business Needs A LinkedIn Presence?


LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network which is why your business needs to have a LinkedIn presence. 

Not convinced? 

Wait till you read the following arguments.

1. Creating A Business Profile On LinkedIn Is a Brand Building Exercise. 

Creating a profile for your business on LinkedIn is indeed an effective brand building exercise that gives your business a much deserved exposure online. 

You can use LinkedIn to share more information about your organization with the online fraternity.

Some of the information about your business that you can share on your LinkedIn profile are:

>> The ‘Story’ behind your Business.
>> Employee Strength.
>> Your Product and Services and your Core Competencies.
>> The ‘Values’ your organisation endears.
>> Work Ethics and Culture.

2. Talent Acquisition. 

A LinkedIn profile will allow your organisation to search for, find and recruit the best talent available. 

LinkedIn is indeed a cost-effective way of building up a competent workforce. On the other end of the spectrum, a LinkedIn presence will allow prospective employees to search for and connect with your organisation. 

3. Platform For Employee To Interact. 

A LinkedIn profile will encourage your employees to connect and build more meaningful relationships with one another. 

They can discuss problems, offer solutions to problems faced by the others, share ideas and opinions and more importantly get to know each other better. A LinkedIn presence can therefore have a unifying effect on your workforce – an effective team building exercise. 

4. Connect With Prospective Business Partners and Clients

A LinkedIn presence will help you connect with prospective business partners and clients – who can be of value to you and your organisation in the long run. 

LinkedIn as a professional network can help your business get important recommendations. 

As Per Hootsuite: “With LinkedIn it’s not only about who you know, it’s about who they know. You can leverage existing relationships to build new ones and grow your network.”

A LinkedIn profile (plus an effective LinkedIn strategy) will certainly help your business see success in more ways than one. 

Thanks for your time.


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