How Does a Beginner Blogger Get Readers?

So, you’ve decided to do what millions of other people are doing – start a blog. Congratulations! I hate to burst your bubble, but since you are just getting started it is probably safe to say…you are your only reader.

Surely, your cat, your mother, and your best friend will probably check in once in a while. However, they are already familiar with your clever witticisms. You need to be sharing your words of wisdom with newer people.

How should you go about doing that? I’m glad you asked. 

Here are six ways to entice loyal blog readers.

1. Be Memorable. 

While its great to encourage visitors to share your content on the digital media, it is important to remember that there are actual conversations that take place outside of the digital realm. Not everyone use just their keyboards to chat and it is important to make sure your blog is memorable to these individuals. 

Use a domain name that people will remember; usually short and sweet is the best. If you can manage to use a keyword in the name, that is even better (for your SEO). Just be sure to use words that are easy to remember. Make it simple for people to talk about your blog.

2. Start With Five Pillar Articles

A pillar article is a tutorial style article that offers your readers valuable (read indispensable) information. The very best pillars will have at least a thousand words and offer practical advice. Try to offer unique information that your readers won’t find elsewhere. 

Why should you worry about pillar articles? The answer is simple – pillar articles never lose their appeal. They aren’t depended on time, so the information doesn’t seem outdated. More pillar articles translates into a better blog. A better blog entices a bigger audience.

3. Keep The Content Fresh. 

Write at least one article per day. Not every article should be a pillar article. Mix it all up! You can also do some videos and podcasts. 

You want new readers to know it is worth their time to come back again tomorrow. And the next day. And the next. Let them know there will be new and wonderful things happening each day.

4. Spread the Love. 

As a genius blogger, you probably hate to admit that other people have intelligent things to say too. However, instead of denying this fact, you should embrace it and use it to your advantage. Here is what you do: 

Go to Blog X (make sure its in the same niche as your blog).
Read an article and post a comment (along with a link to your blog).
Loyal readers from Blog X will read your witty repartee, be amazed by your groundbreaking thoughts, and want to read more.
Readers from Blog X will click over to your blog.
Readers from Blog X will become loyal readers of your blog too.
Repeat the process on Blog Y.
Repeat the process on Blog Z.

5. Ignite a Conversation. 

Encourage readers to comment by occasionally ending your posts with a question. Loyal readers will comment. New readers will see there are loyal readers and assume there is a good reason to stick around. Just make sure you always reply to comments; once you start a conversation, its best to keep it going!

6. Go Back to the Beginning. 

After you have completed all these steps, go back to the beginning and start over. Write more pillars. At the very least, you should be penning a pillar article every week. By the end of the year, you’ll have a very well stocked archive of useful articles.

Good luck with your blogging endeavour. I hope it’s as wonderful as you imagined it to be!


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