How Does A Good Monsoon Impact the Indian Stock Markets

With a majority of the Indian Rural population dependent on agriculture as the primary means of livelihood, a strong monsoon means good news for the agricultural sector as well as for the economy as a whole.

Even today, the lack of penetration of irrigation facilities means that the Indian Farmers still heavily depend on rain water to nourish their crops.

A good monsoon has a positive impact on the Indian Economy and the stock markets

Good Monsoons and the Stock Markets

How a strong monsoon can impact the stock markets can be seen from the following discussion:

1. A boost in rural demand: Water is the most critical input for enhancing agricultural productivity. A good monsoon therefore translates into good agricultural production which means better earnings (read purchasing power) for the farmers.

A good monsoon boosts Rural consumption and demand which is a positive for the entire economy.

Industries which directly benefit from this increase in rural spending include Automobiles (primarily two wheelers and tractors) and FMCG among others. Also, industries which are directly dependent on agricultural activity like Fertilizer and farm equipment providers also get a boost.

2. Export Boost: Agricultural produce forms a major chunk of India’s total exports. Increased agricultural productivity brought about by a good monsoon translates into more exports and a reduction in the import of agricultural produce. This helps the country earn valuable foreign exchange, improves its balance of payments and is a positive for the entire economy.

Overall, a strong monsoon augers well for the stock markers and the economy as a whole.

So the next time a weather department guy tells you that the monsoons are expected to be great this year, expect the stock markets to rise.

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