13 Business Tips To Read This Morning

A collection of 13 business tips to read with your morning cup of tea. These tips can be applied to almost every business model – big or small.

1. Key business decisions should be based on facts and not on emotions.

2. A sound business plan is a key weapon to have in your arsenal. A plan will help you take realistic steps towards achieving your goals

3. There is no alternative to prudent financial planning and management. 

4. Believe in your Ideas and YOURSELF. 

5. Create an effective business pitch.

4. A competent employee is one of your most valuable asset.

5. No business can survive without serving its customers well.

6. Staying ahead of the competition means keeping a constant ‘watch’ over your competitor’s moves.

8. A sound Social Media strategy is an effective brand building exercise. It helps create trust and loyalty.

9. With a business blog, you can reach out to more people and make new customers.

10. A penny saved is a penny earned. This age old adage holds true for all businesses.

11. Pay your taxes on time and concentrate on your business with a peace of mind. Tax officials are not that friendly by the way.

12. Wish to take a bank loan? Get out there and negotiate. Approach as many banks as possible, sell them your idea and get the most favourable rates for yourself.

13. Partner only with persons you can unconditionally trust.

Bonus Tip: There is always an element of risk involved in business. We all know that taking risks can lead to big gains; however assuming too many risks can indeed be a ‘risky’ affair.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this little compilation of business tips.


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