30 Profitable Business Ideas To Give Wings To Your Entrepreneurial Dreams

In this post we will be sharing with you 30 Profitable Business ideas so that you can give wings to your entrepreneurial dreams. 

1. Start a Pre-School. 

You could either setup your own pre-school brand or take a franchisee from any of the established brands. You would have to incur significant investments in infrastructure, staff and marketing. The key success factors would include location, quality of staff and facilities. For example, a large playground area would add to your school’s appeal among parents. 

2. Open a Toy Store. 

Children simply love toys. Capitalize on this love of their’s by setting up a toy store. Location as well as the quality of toys and pricing are key success factors for this venture. 

3. Start a Gym and Fitness Centre. 

Today’s young generation is conscious about health and fitness. Make big on this opportunity by starting a Gym and Fitness Centre. Your location as well as the quality of equipment and training support are the key success factors here. 

Pro Tip: Use Facebook Ads to promote your gym. Facebook ads allows you target your audience based on location, age, gender as well as interests.  

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4.  Start a Travel Agency. 

A travel agency helps vacationers simply enjoy their vacation by taking care of everything else. From suggesting locations to the actual planning of the trip, hotel bookings and making arrangements for tickets and car rentals, your services should have everything covered. 

5. Start your own Bakery. 

Start a Bakery of your own and entice your customers with the aroma of freshly baked bread, cakes and cookies. 

Pro Tip: Create a website for your bakery business and accept orders online. 

6. Become a Dealer in Antiques. 

There is a huge market for Antiques and Collectibles. This presents before you an opportunity to make a mark by becoming a dealer in everything that is rare and collectible.  

7. Start a Pet Care Centre. 

A pet care centre would take care of pets when their owners are not around. 

8. Start a Placement Consultancy

A placement consultant will connect job-seekers with companies having vacancies. The key to success is to specialize in a niche job market. For example you could model your business to become a specialized recruiter for the Financial Services or the BPO Industry. 

9. Start a Martial Arts Training Center. 

Of late there is a growing trend among parents to teach their kids the art of martial arts. Martial Arts as a sport, is popular amongst the youth as well. We can capitalize on this trend by starting a Martial Arts training academy. Again, you can use Facebook Ads to promote your academy. 

10. Start a Real Estate Consultancy service. 

A real estate consultancy firm would connect individuals/corporate clients looking for properties for purchase/rent to property owners/promoters. 

11. Provide Wedding Planning services. 

For families, arranging weddings can be hectic and time consuming. A wedding planner would take care of all this by helping families decide and book wedding venues, secure accommodation for guests who would be flying in, decide the wedding theme and oversee other wedding day arrangements including food and music.  

12. Provide Content Writing Services to businesses.  

Most businesses today are in constant need of relevant content for their business blogs and social media channels. Take this as an opportunity and start a firm that provides content writing services to these businesses. 

13. Start a Soft Skills Training Academy. 

A soft skills training academy trains individuals in soft skills to make them job ready. You could also tie up with corporate houses to impart job relevant soft skill training to their staff members. How you market your business is going to be a key factor for your success. 

14. Start a Professional Photographing Agency. 

A profession photographer would cater to a wide variety of clientele. For example, you could cover events for corporates or marriage/family functions for individual clients. Similarly, you could also shoot portfolios for Models and other professionals.  A growing trend among youngsters is to hire professional photographers for their social media profile pictures. You could also shoot for advertisements and other promotional media for business clients. In order words the opportunities for a professional photographer is huge. 

15. Start a Creche. 

In families where both parents work, taking care of kids can be a huge problem. Start a creche that take of their children while the parents go to work. A parent will keep their child with you only when they feel safe enough to do so. The overall quality and spaciousness of the facility plus the presence of qualified and well trained staff members are factors that are likely to impress a parent. 

16. Start a Coffee Shop. 

Get the conversation going by setting up a Coffee Shop. Ambiance, service as well as location of your coffee shop are the key success factors for this venture.  

17. Satisfy hungry office-goers’ with a Mobile Food Truck. 

A Mobile Food Truck would serve hungry office-goers during lunch and dinner hours. The quality of food served has to be good, the service fast and pricing reasonable to be a success with your Mobile Food Truck. Also, bring regular changes to your menu to prevent people from getting bored with the same menu.  

18. Setup an Inbound Marketing Agency. 

Inbound Marketing is the art of attracting prospects towards a company’s website through the art of content distribution across mediums like blogs and social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. Set up an agency that provides end to end Inbound Marketing services to its clients.  

19. Set up a swanky Modern Laundry. 

Set up a swanky modern Laundry service equipped with automatic washing machines and dryers. Offer free pickup and delivery and promise to wash each customer’s load separately. 

20. Start a Bookkeeping Service. 

Most small businesses lack the resources to keep their books of accounts in a proper manner. Target these small businesses by setting up a firm that provides book keeping services at a low cost. The key is to educate small businesses on the advantages of maintaining proper book of accounts. 

21. Provide Search Engine Optimisation [SEO] Services. 

A Search Engine Optimisation Agency helps its clients optimize their websites to help them rank high in search engine result pages for keyword queries relevant to their website, thus driving up traffic and sales.  

22. Provide Event Management Services. 

An event management company specializes in organizing events on behalf of their clients. Your clients could be both individuals or corporates. Having excellent negotiation skills is a primary requirement for success in the field of event management.   

23. Setup a Car and Bike Customisation service centre. 

Start a car and bike customization service that add a unique touch to vehicles and gives their owners ‘celebrity status’ amongst their peers. 

Pro Tip: Create a website to showcase your work and also use Facebook ads to promote your business.  

24. Open a Sports Goods shop. 

A sports goods store could be a great business idea for you to start. Like any other offline business, the key success factors would include the location, marketing, pricing and the friendliness of your staff members.  

25. Start a Cooking Academy. 

Start a Cooking Academy that helps people learn how to cook. 

26. Start a Dance School. 

Train kids and youngsters in various dance forms at your very own dance school. The key success factors include the location of your school and the quality of the trainers. You could promote your dance school through advertisements in local media as well as turn to social media for promotion. 

27. Provide Investment Planning Services. 

An investment planner would help clients arrive at the right investment decisions by understanding the risk appetite and investment goals of an individual. 

28. Become an Intra City Logistic service provider. 

Start a Intra City (within the city) logistics firm with your own set of vehicles that specializes in same day delivery across the city. Your clients could be both individuals and corporates. 

29. Start a Business Rick Consultancy. 

Risk is an integral part of any business activity. A business risk consultant will advice business owners on how they can reduce risk inherent in their business processes. 

30. Create a Website Development Agency. 

A website development agency develops websites for their clients. The opportunities in this area are immense and you capitalize on it by setting up a web development agency. Note that your work would need to speak for itself for you to be a success in this business. 

Thanks for your time. Good luck with your business venture. 


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