101 Killer Blog Niche Ideas For Your Next Blogging Adventure

Do you know that you can make money online by creating a blog on a topic (niche) of your choice and then monetizing (displaying advertisements) it by partnering with an Advertisement program like Google Adsense.

Believe me there are bloggers around who have given up high paying full time jobs to focus solely on blogging.

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Your blog’s Niche can be defined as the central content idea behind your blog – the range of topics that generally make up your blog.

Choosing a niche is the first step towards creating a blog and every thing starting from the choice of your blog’s URL; to the ‘content’ it will host and the target audience it will serve would revolve around your chosen niche idea.

In this post we will be sharing 101 blog niche ideas for your next blogging adventure. [Click on specific niche ideas with hyperlinks to read a more detailed analysis of the idea]

1. Travel Blog

2. Food Blog

3. Automotive Blog

4. Photography Blog

5. Gaming Blog

6. Blog on Stock Markets

7. Blog on Stamp Collection [ A Philatelic Blog]

8. Small Business Blog

9. A blog on Facts of the World

10. Movie Review

11. Music Blog

12. Technology

13. Science

14. Deals

15. Fishing

16. General Knowledge

17. Humour

18. Coin Collection

19. A ‘How To’ blog. 

20. Health and Fitness. 

21. Parenting and Child Care. 

22. Business Opportunities. 

23. Real Estate. 

24. Modelling. 

25. Jobs and Vacancies. 

26. Career Choice and Guidance

27. Software Tutorials and Reviews

28. Marketing Blog

29. A blog on Business Management

30. Tutorials for Students

31. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

32. Blog about Vintage Stuff

33. Blog on Pet Care

34. A DIY (Do It Yourself) Blog

35. Social Media Tips

36. Making Money

37. Wine and Wine Making

38. Fashion

39. Acting

40. Retirement [Retirement planning and post retirement life]

41. Gardening

42. Farming

43. Business Startup

44. IPO

45. Finance

46. Local Guide

47. Environment

48. Franchise Opportunities

49. Celeb Gossip

50. Famous Personalities

51. Wildlife

52. Politics

53. Satire

54. Quizing

55. Review Blog

56. Architecture

57. History

58. Grooming

59. Adventure Sports

60. Advertisement

61. Paranormal Activities

62. UFO

63. Blog on the Art and Science of Blogging. 

64. Internet Marketing

65. Ancient Civilisations

66. Animals

67. Web Designing

68. Freelancing

69. Eco-tourism

70. Better Writing

71. Soft Skills and Personality Development

72. Dancing

73. Legal Eagle

74. Spiritualism

75. Pyschology

76. Service Reviews

77. Ethical Hacking

78. A blog on Self Defense

79. Higher Studies

80. Blog Templates/Themes

81. Question & Answer blog

82. A Blog on Books or a Literary Blog

83. Smartphones

84. Popular Media

85. Inventor and their Inventions

86. News

87. Animation

88. Weaponry

89. Internal Audit

90. Corporate Laws

91. People and Culture

92. Religion

93. Evolution and Extinction

94. Angle Funds

95. Geography

96. Genetics

97. Mysteries of the World

98. Space Travel

99. National Heroes

100. A Country Specific Blog

101. Personal Finance 

102: Learn a Language

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