15 Time Management And Productivity Tips For Bloggers

For most bloggers striking a balance between life, work and blogging is often a difficult proposition. Therefore time management and productivity related issues often assume critical importance for them and for the survival and growth of their blogs.

15 Time Management And Productivity Tips For Bloggers

In this post I will share with you some the best time management and productivity tips to help you become a better and a more productive blogger. 

1. Learn to say “NO”: Its never easy to say a “no” to someone. But having too many commitments to honour can be a serious drag on your time and ultimately your productivity. The key here is to prioritize and say to ‘yes’ to only those opportunities that you really care for and are passionate about.    

1. Get yourself a Tablet and blog while you are commutingNot advised while you are crossing a busy street.

2. Use apps like ‘Evernote’ to jot down ideas the moment they strike you. Don’t let those moments of brilliance go to waste. Even the simple pen and paper would do. 

3. Kill those bad habits. If you are guilty of checking your traffic stats every now and then, you’ll know what I mean. 

4. Be Disciplined: Discipline is the chose between what you want ‘now’ and what you want ‘most’ in your life. If your ultimate aim in life is to become a successful blogger, make the ‘right choices‘ now.  

5. Limit your Social Media presence. While socialising is a good thing, spending hours and hours on Facebook or Instagram can be counterproductive. Thus the need to draw the line somewhere. It needs strong will power though.
6. Automate your Social Media promotions and save valuable time. By Automating your Social Media promotions, you can gainfully employ the time same saved in creating quality content for your blog. A few tools to help you automate your social media promotions : HootSuite | Buffer | SproutSocial

7. Find your sweet spot. Sometimes moving away from your work desk helps. Consider taking your laptop down with you to your favourite coffee shop and the change of setting might help those creative juices flow.

8. Go to sleep. Get yourself a good night’s sleep and see your productivity increase the next morning. 

9. Plan your day ahead. Planning is a great asset that keeps you focused on the task on hand and on schedule. 

10. Don’t Procrastinate. Start doing. If you have a blog post idea, start by jotting down the key points NOW. 

11. Every now and then, indulge yourself in the things you like. A revitalized mind can help you work wonders. 

12. Exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle. A active mind and body can help you work wonders.  

13. Don’t force yourself when your mind goes blank. Take time out and unwind. Do stuffs that you most enjoy doing. Its only a matter of time before creativity and productivity is restored again.

14. Challenge yourself by setting aggressive (but achievable) goals. You are at your best when you compete with yourself. 

Last but not the least,

15. Concentrate on doing one thing at a time. Its time when you realized that multitasking is a myth. You cannot be chatting with friends on Facebook and churning out quality articles all at the same time. 

The best way is to devote your entire attention to the task at hand. Complete one task and then move on to the next. Ultimately it comes down to your will power and sense of discipline. Its all about getting your priorities right.

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