How Does Make Money?

Have you ever wondered how does Gaana,com – a music streaming site earn money? allows user to listen to Music (both Indian and International) for free. Apart from Hindi and English Music, they also feature songs in regional Indian Languages like Bengali, Punjabi, Tamil, Malayalam among others. is owned by Times Internet and is available both as a website and an app. 

In this post we will discuss how makes money

The Revenue Model Of | generates revenue in the following ways. 

1. Advertisement Revenue.

Advertisement is the main source of revenue generated by monetizes its website and app through both Display and Audio advertisements. 

While Display ads are visual ads which you can find both on the website and the App. Audio Ads are similar to the advertisements that you listen to on the radio and are played between songs. 

2. Revenue Through Paid Subscriptions. also has a paid subscription option known as Gaana Plus (+). A paid subscription gives you certain privileges like you can listen to music in High Definition (available only to paid users) without any Ad Interruptions.  

A Paid subscription currently also allows you unlimited music downloads. But these downloaded songs can only be played through the App. In effect, it means that with a paid subscription, you can save songs for offline listening. 

A months paid subscription costs Rs. 99, while a full year’s subscription will set you back by a thousand rupees. 

Thanks for your time and Happy Listening. 


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