How To Increase Facebook Business Page Effectiveness

Facebook is the Holy Grail of Marketing. The sheer number of people on Facebook makes it the most important online marketing tool available to marketers. According to the company’s newsroom, there were 1.8 Billion monthly active users on Facebook as on 30th September, 2016.  

Fundamental to Marketing on Facebook is the creation of a Page for your business. You use this page to connect with your audience, induce engagement and help people connect with your brand on a more personal level. 

In this post, I will discuss certain specific strategies which will help you increase the effectiveness of your Facebook business pages. 

1. Impress with your Cover Photo.

CocaCola India Facebook Cover Photo. 

The first thing that people notice when they land on your Facebook Business Page is your Cover Photo. Impress your visitors with a carefully chosen cover photo that says something about your brand and encourage them to explore. 

2. Use Facebook not to Market your Products but to Promote your Brand.

Do not view your Facebook business page as a tool to market your products and services. Instead see it as an opportunity to bring more people closer to your brand. Facebook should not be viewed as an advertising platform. Marketing on Facebook is all about ‘selling content’ to engage with and win people over. 

3. Know thy Audience

As I have pointed out earlier, marketing on Facebook is all about engagement and winning people over. By knowing your target audience, you are better equipped to create content tailored to their likes. 

4. People love Humour. 

Humour is a great way to attract more following on Social Media. Humorous posts generally attract the most likes, shares and comments. By sharing humour, brands connect more easily with their audience. 

5. Visual Content Works the Best Magic.

Visually compelling content is the one that works best on Facebook. Incorporate lots of pictures, videos and Infographics into your Facebook Content Strategy and see the level of post engagement increase gradually.  

6. You can Invite People [who Engage with a Specific Post] to Like Your Business Page. 

Liking a ‘specific post’ on Facebook is different from Linking ‘the page’ on which the post appears.

When Somebody likes your Business Page, it means that the next time you post something onto your business page, it will show up on his/her feed. Thus getting more and more people to Like your Page is important as this ensures that all your future posts will show up on their home page feed. 

Did you know that you can invite all those who have ‘liked a specific post’ shared by you (to your page) to like your business page. To do this all you need to do is to click on the list of people who have liked a specific post on your page and you will notice a ‘Invite Button’ next to their names. Clicking this invite button will send them an invite to like your page. 

7. Use ‘Paid Boost’ to Reach More People

Advertising on Facebook works because it is cheap and it effectively integrates the advertisement onto the news feed of the user. The only way to tell a paid post from a post occurring organically on a person’s homepage feed is from the little disclaimer with the words ‘sponsored’ appearing above the post. 

So the next time you post something onto your Facebook Business Page, you can use the paid boost option to reach more and more people. With paid boost you also get to choose either between ‘more page likes and shares’ or ‘more post clicks’ depending upon the end goal of your advertisement.  

8. Offer Delights.


Offer delights and keep your audience pleasantly surprised. For example, offer ‘exclusive deals’ for all your Facebook followers. 

9. Vie for a Cause

Vie for a social cause and ask people to get involved. People love companies which show concern for the environment. By bringing people together, involving them and working with them for a cause, you score high on the trust quotient. 

10. Post Frequently

It is a fact that companies which post frequently on their Facebook Business Pages get up to 10 times more response than businesses who make updating their Facebook pages a seasonal affair.  

Remember, most brands share multiple time a day to keep their audience interested.  

Tip: By scheduling your posts in advance, you can keep your pages updated even while you are likely to be away from your computer (you need sleep). 

11. Choose Quality over Quantity.

Yes, posting multiple times a day to your Facebook Business Page does increase the effectiveness of your Facebook Marketing Strategy. However, it does not mean that you can sacrifice on the quality of your content for the sake of quantity. 

Poor content can Kill engagement levels and negatively impact your brand image on and outside of Facebook. 

And, in case you have to make a choice between the two, choose Quality over Quantity. 

12. Share You Blog Posts On Your Facebook Business Page. 

If you maintain a business blog as part of your online content marketing strategy, you should share your blog posts on your Facebook Business Page. This will not just boost engagement levels but also help drive more traffic to your blog posts thus increasing the overall effectiveness of your content marketing efforts. 

Tip: You would have noticed that whenever you share a link on Facebook, it pulls a brief description as well as an image of your post. The description is pulled from your blog post’s ‘Meta Description’. 

So next time you write a business blog post make sure that it incorporates a relevant high quality image as well as a meta description. When shared, this will pull up the image as well as the description of your post, making it more visually compelling and will help induce people to visit your blog.  

13. Reply to Comments Posted. 

Engagement is not a one-sided affair. When you expect people to engage with your brand on Facebook, they too expect that you engage with them as well. This is however one area which most brands neglect. In fact, brands respond to only 5% of all posts made by users on their page walls (Source). 

By replying to your audiences’ comments, you show how far you value their opinions and this brings your audience closer to your brand. 

14. Contests get People Excited

Contests get people all excited, especially when you offer mouth watering rewards. By organizing contests on your Facebook business page you can increase engagement and gain more page likes. 

Tip: The trick is make contests open only to those who have liked your page on Facebook. 

15. Organise Polls and ask People for their Views. 

Polls can give companies valuable insight into the minds of the customers. By running polls on your Facebook business page, you gain access to a variety of data ranging from consumer likes and dislikes. their expectations of you and how far have you been able to meet those expectations. All these data can form valuable inputs for your corporate decision making process.  

16. Moderation is a Must

Facebook business pages are prone to abuse. Un-moderated pages are easy targets for spammers who might be using your page to promote their own vested interests. Moderation allows you to keep your page clean – so that the only thing your viewers gain is pure information. 

Visit the linked resource to know more about Facebook page moderation

Thanks for your time. Do share with us the specific strategies that you employ to make your Facebook business pages more effective.


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