How Does Make Money?

views is an online magazine sharing stories about entrepreneurs and the India’s Startup Ecosystem. It claims to be the Pioneer of telling Entrepreneurs’ Stories. 

Its popularity can be gazed from the fact that as of the date of this writing, it has an Alexa rank of 415 in India. 

So have you ever wondered, how does make Money? 

The Revenue Model of generates revenue in the following ways: 

1. Display Advertising. 

If you happen to visit the website, you will notice display advertising banners both above and below the content as well as in the sidebar. 

Display Advertisement is one of the primary sources of revenue for this website. 

Below is the screenshot from one of the pages on Yourstory with a display advertising banner above the post title. 

2. Sponsored Content. 

Given the massive reach of YourStory and the fact that it is an entrepreneurship focused eMagazine, brands pay money to get featured on the website. Sponsored content is paid for and controlled by the sponsor brand. 

Here is a screen grab with regard to their policy related to Sponsored/Branded Content. 

3.  Partnership with Event Organisers. 

Yourstory also partners with Event Organisers to promote their events on their website and earns a fee based on registrations. 

4. Customised Solutions for Brands. also makes money by offering customised solutions for example conducting surveys for Brands. 

Image Source: Website. 


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