Business Tips For Budding Entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurship is a journey that many of us want to embark upon. The idea of building something of our own efforts and of creating lasting value – not just for ourselves but for the society as a whole; is thrilling in itself.

The path that an entrepreneur takes is never easy. It is fraught with risks and one has to navigate difficult waters. But the reward it throws at the end makes the journey all the more worthwhile.

In this post we share business tips for the budding entrepreneurs to help them make the right start in their journey towards value creation and financial freedom.

Understand before taking the plunge:

Understand the business completely before taking the plunge! That’s the right way to go.

Unless its a radical business idea wherein you are looking to gain the first mover’s advantage, its always wise to take time, figure out the different aspects and complexities involved in your business and plan ahead.

Remember that once you have committed funds into your business, there is no going back.

One cannot simply have an inventory of finished products lying in his warehouse, before he start deliberating upon the process of acquiring customers. The plan to acquire customers must be sketched long before the first product goes out of the production line.

Think Competitive Advantage:

Be it the manufacturing or the service industry, you are likely to encounter competition in any business, that you enter into.

You must think about how you can differentiate yourself from the competition in order to gain a competitive advantage.

For some businesses like a grocery store, the location of the store provides a critical competitive advantage. For others, product or service differentiation i.e offering a better product or service than your competitors, holds the key to the success of your business.

Make value creation the goal of your business.

Hire the Right Talent

Your employees would be the face and soul of your business. Hire people you would be comfortable working with.

Give importance to attitude and skills and not just degrees.

Treat your employees as equals and you would be surprised to see the difference they can make to your business.


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