How To Drive Traffic To Old Blog Posts

You work really hard to update your blog on a regular basis and your hard work pays off when you see all your newly posted articles attracting a good amount of traffic.

Yet, you find that your average page views remain the same. Why?

Because all the while your new posts are basking in glory, some of your older posts might be loosing out on traffic.

It is a well established fact that search engines pay a great deal of importance to the freshness quotient while ranking pages – a reason why older posts don’t often rank high in search engine result pages (SERPs).

If you have been noticing a significant drop in traffic to some of your older posts, remember, you are not the only one facing this problem.

In this post I will be sharing with you certain tips that would help you drive more traffic to your older blog posts.

1. Do the Social Media Sharing

While search engines may be biased towards fresh content, social media harbours no such bias. By sharing your old blog posts regularly on social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc), you could restore the flow of traffic to such pages.

2. Update & Recycle your Content

Recycle and Update your Content to make it more relevant.
Recycle and Update your Content to make it more relevant.

With time, you upgrade your knowledge, learn more, discover more facts and become more aware of the situation. Thus, when you revisit your old posts, you find ample opportunities to make changes, improvements and modifications. By making these changes, you keep your content fresh and up-to date. And, given the fact that Search Engines score content based on freshness, regularly updated content score high in SERPs.

Pro Tip: While updating and recycling your older blog posts, change the post-date to a more recent date (helpful for SEO); but never update it to a future date as this would change the original post URL.

3. Internal Links [Link to older posts from newer ones]

By creating internal links to your older blog posts, you benefit in two ways:

  • Internal links make your older posts more visible to your visitors.
  • They improve the SEO score of the pages being linked to and therefore these perform better in search result pages.

Either way, internal links to old posts can help drive more traffic to them.

4. Work on SEO

By optimising your blog for Search Engines, you help your older blog posts rank higher in search engines result pages. A higher rank almost always ensures higher traffic for the concerned pages.

You can make your blog more search engine optimised by practicing ethical link building (which includes guest blogging), posting resourceful content, on-page optimisation (including keyword and image optimisation) and following similar white hat SEO techniques.

5. Related Posts

A “Related Posts” widget can be a great tool to showcase some of your older blog posts (related to the content they are currently reading) to your visitors and induce them to visit such pages. Related Posts widget perform well when they are embedded just below the content.

6. Use Bookmarking Sites – But with Caution! 

By sharing on social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon and Digg, you could be driving additional traffic towards your older blog posts. However, traffic sent by these websites generally stay for very short span of time (averaging between 10-15 seconds) and push your overall bounce rate above acceptable standards (something that could negatively impact your SEO). So, be very cautious while sharing on social bookmarking sites. If you have reasons to believe that you are getting nothing but low quality traffic from these websites, stop using them.

7. Link Building

While building links for SEO, make sure that not all of your incoming links point towards your home page (this can make your link building seem unnatural). It is a good idea (and practice) to diversify links throughout your blog/website. Therefore whether you are guest posting or commenting on other blogs for links, make sure that you link to some of your older pages as well. This will definitely give their search rankings a boost and send more traffic towards them.

8. Compilation of Blog Posts

Create a complication of old blog posts and link back to these posts. For example if you regularly write about personal finance, you could come up with a compilation of your best posts on personal finance to promote and drive additional traffic towards these posts.

I hope these tips will help you drive more traffic towards your old blog posts. Happy blogging.


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